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A New Beginning: Glorious Past & Scintillating Future

I always dreamt of a company, which will help improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in the country through innovation in all possible areas. Thought was to create an organization intensely driven by highly competent people, best in class processes & systems and highest standard of quality.

While the whole Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is on the cusp of major change, the differentiation will be through people and need based high quality products and collaboration.

Since the date of inception of the company i.e. January 31, 2013, we have been able to create a team of over 50 people and launched Oncology divisions by September 2013, which speaks of the immense trust and belief market has shown to Platonic Pharmaceuticals. We will launch two other divisions in subsequent years. Also we have entered into long-term strategic manufacturing collaboration with Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Limited to provide best quality products to people. Platonic is committed to bring innovative products, introduce new drug delivery systems for the larger benefit of the community.

In the top management team I have hand-picked people whose name itself is collective key to success and therefore, our promise to every number at Platonic is wholesome professional journey leading to life accomplishments under the able mentorship of highly accomplished seniors int he company. A company with purpose of “Serving Humanity”.

Sustainability is order of the everyday life at Platonic and therefore, we are committed to high performance system to ensure the profitable & sustainable growth for creating value & driving delight factor for all stakeholders.


Arvindkumar Dholariya

Chief Executive Officer & MD

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