B2B Integration

Business-to-business integration is something that lets you automated ease of business processes and communication within two or more companies. Today B2B allows thousands of companies to trade more efficaciously with their Trading Partners, Vendors and Clients by pivotal business processes automation.

B2B Integration platform – What is this?

A B2B integration platform helps to integrate all nexus B2B & EDI processes across their partner in a single egress. The data gets entered from source applications, gets translated into standard format and delivered to the business partner using the pertinent transport protocol. Most of the B2B integration software are available for inhouse use or these services can be accessed through hosted cloud services.

Various capabilities of B2B integration:

Application integration. Almost everything can be integrated whether it’s a Oracle back-end system, SAP, any internal CRM as well as cloud object storage.Translation engine. Converts documents from one format to another.
Data Compression. It helps to send big files faster, features include any size file and message transfer. Mapping software. Enables the visualization of data fields and shows the relationships between documents Communications adapters. Security is the main concern when it comes to data but now …its isn’t with security-rich protocols,including AS2, FTP, sFTP, MQ, VAN and others.
There are multiple products in market which can be used for B2Bi, few examples are listed below but not limited to:
· IBM Platonic Integrator
· GXS/OpenText AI
· MuleSoft
· Dell Boomi